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L Jolor Matrix
(F) Mar 30 2011, 7745M-1748347, Brown Mackerel Tabby Exotic
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Ridgmont Das Boot
Seal Point Persian
3272-1225251 v0100 Aug 2 1998
CH Deserama Cascade of L Jolor
Cream Point Persian
3296-1020742 Nov 4 1994
Deserama Master Castor
Cream Point Persian
3296-0970696 v0795 Jun 16 1993
CH Desiderata's Mr. Stetson of Deserama
Cream Point Persian
Desiderata's Saber
Desiderata's Koshi
Deserama Pretty Peaches
Cream CPC Persian
3015-0732702 v0593 May 26 1990
CH Deserama's Mr. Pepper Vendor
Sitara Pina Colada
Deserama Brunt Salsa
Tortie Point Persian
3293-0841441 v0795 Feb 28 1992
CH Deserama's Hot Chili
Red CPC Persian
3010-0653218 v0891 May 18 1990
CH Deserama's Mr. Pepper Vendor
CH Marstan's Kahlua Colada of Deserama
Deserama Proud Pookie
Tortoiseshell CPC Persian
3047-0732305 v0593 Sep 27 1990
CH Desiderata's Flambeau
Deserama Sadie Lady
L Jolor Silk PJs
B.E. White CPC Persian
3001-1185814 v0598 May 27 1995
Nevah-Tep Niterider of L Jolor
Black CPC Persian
3008-0405918 Jun 11 1987
GC Nevah-Tep Sky Rider of Catslair
Blue Persian
0106-0375369 Jul 16 1986
Lin-Lea Moon Wind of Chanson
Chanson Gypsy Too of Nevah-Tep
Nevah-Tep's Ermine
C.E. White CPC Persian
3003-0373430 v0787 Jun 1 1986
GC Fontaine Capture The Fantasy
Lee-Cee Sioux of Nevah-Tep
Aboutface Sugar Sweet
C.E. White CPC Persian
3003-0858556 v0794 May 12 1993
Dalmali This Bub's For You
Blue Point Persian
3276-0733157 Jun 26 1991
GC Desiderata's High And Mighty O'VL's
CH Deserama Designer Genes of Dalmali
Spellbound Minena of Cats-Fur-You
C.E. White Persian
0103-0646287 v0892 Jun 13 1990
GC, RW Spellbound As Is of Atzelhof
Maison De Chat Mandi of Spellbound
Maple Bay Moon Shadow
Silver Mackerel Tabby-White Exotic
7993-1638558 v1011 Jul 25 2004
CH Live Toy's Mufasa of Cat-A-Poltz
Silver Tabby Exotic
7736-1341218 Feb 20 2000
CH Silverheart Padishah Pasha (of Live Toy)
Black Smoke Exotic
7734-1258841 v0300 Nov 12 1998
GC Dancecats Dancing Dude
Brown Tabby Exotic
7744-0830683 v1194 Oct 3 1992
GC Jenita Hummel of Dancecats
D-Jon Basic Black of Mystichill
CH Deckota Silver Lining
Blue Silver Mackerel Tabby Persian
1335-1000499 v0199 May 24 1995
CH Deckota Rain Dance
CH Liberte Dream Weaver of Meloni Cali
CH Vita-Nova's Silver Starlet of Live Toy
Silver Mackerel Tabby Exotic
7737M-1164750 v0199 Sep 16 1997
GC, GIC Patina Charlie Chan of Vita-Nova
C.E. White Exotic
7702-0902278 v0895 / AR EXO/94-256 Nov 16 1993
GC Patina Casper's Caper
CH Vansnuggles Kiwi of Patina
CH Kikicat Choir Girl of Vita-Nova(Cruzin-Cats)
Silver Tabby Exotic
7737-1063318 v0497 Mar 24 1995
CH, IC Kikicat High Praises of Eddore
Kikicat Cherish
Maple Bay Black Ice
Black-White Exotic LH
7799-1475164 v0105 Sep 11 2003
CH Calivan's Leading Man
Blue-White Exotic
7806-1260650 v0900 Apr 13 1999
CH Becton's Bo Jangles of Calivan DM
Black Exotic
7708-1155220 v0798 Mar 12 1997
GC Del Adene J'Bustopher Brown DM
GC Becton's Desert Daze DM
CH Calivan's Miss Hollywood
Blue-White Van Persian
1307-1220969 v0899 Feb 28 1998
CH Pansypatch's Pasha
Calivan's Jazzy Girl
CH Seapaws A Breath-Of-Magic
Black-White Persian
1109-1223995 May 17 1998
Lainee Rumor Has It of Seapaws
Blue-White Persian
1106-1137929 Jun 16 1996
CH Penhill On The Rocks of Highlite
CH Willowviews Loven It
Seapaws I'm Being Tailed
Silver Mackerel Tabby-White Persian
1133-1127889 v0198 Jun 26 1996
Sheranne's Fancy Pants of Seapaws
CH Silkrose Enchantress of Stipples
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