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CH L Jolor Fudge Recipe
(F) Oct 22 2008, 7462-1663959, Chocolate Mackerel Tabby Exotic
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GC My Ty My Fudgecicle of Uno Belgatto
Chocolate Persian
3020-1356914 v0102 Dec 27 2000
CH My Ty's Johnny Walker Red
Red Mackerel Tabby CPC Persian
3040M-1187226 v0599 Jan 21 1998
My Ty's Private Label
Cream Tabby CPC Persian
3054-0794217 v0994 May 12 1992
CH My Ty's Sir Remington Steel
Blue Tabby Persian
0152-0383690 v0888 Mar 7 1987
CH Hager's Prime Time of My Ty (of Sherada)
CH My Ty's Ms. Melissa Brown
CH My Ty's Ms. Dolly P.
C.E. White Persian
3003-0284002 v0886 May 12 1985
CH My Ty's Midnight Owl of Niya
CH My Ty's Ms. Kewpie Doll
Paw De Chat Red Paw
Flame Point Persian
3279-1105158 v0398 Aug 9 1996
CH Cactusway's Ready Teddy of KNC
Red CPC Persian
3010-0674542 v0492 Aug 17 1990
GC Cactusway's Chocolate Jackpot
Belshes Sweet Jasmine of Cactusway
Pac Girls Squirt
Chocolate Tortie Point Persian
3249-1018984 v1295 Jun 15 1994
Purzelot Pac Man
Pac Girl
My Ty's Ms Dulcie Brown
Brown Mackerel Tabby CPC Persian
3045M-1227554 v0599 Apr 7 1998
My Ty's Jack-Of-Hearts
Flame Point Persian
3278-1115845 v0498 Aug 1 1996
My Ty's Billy Jack Brown
Brown Tabby CPC Persian
3044-0794216 v0896 Jun 9 1992
CH My Ty's Sir Nite Owl
My Ty's Ms Bonnie Sue Brown
My Ty's Ms. Sophisticated Lady
Flame Point Persian
3279-0954264 v0496 Jul 9 1994
My Ty's Strutten My Stuff
My Ty's Lady Victoria
My Ty's Ms. Sugar Brown of Hadacall(Apeeling)
Chocolate Mackerel Tabby Persian
3099-1161844 v0598 Dec 1 1996
My Ty's Billy Jack Brown
Brown Tabby CPC Persian
3044-0794216 v0896 Jun 9 1992
CH My Ty's Sir Nite Owl
My Ty's Ms Bonnie Sue Brown
My Ty's Ms. Talking Baby Doll
Cream Point Persian
3297-0949223 v0297 Jun 5 1994
My Ty's Strutten My Stuff
CH My Ty's Ms. Fairest One O' All
L Jolor Storm Bey
Blue Mackerel Tabby Exotic

CH Dawn-Dee's Storm Cloud
Lilac Exotic

Azexotics Good Friday
Blue CPC Exotic

Hedwig's Saint Nicholas
Cream CPC Exotic

CH Hedwig's Lil Tasmun
Purrty Katz Moon Shadow
Sandbranch Cleopatra
Blue-Cream Exotic

Harbro Kyak of Cats Pause
Sandbranch Nandi African Queen
Azexotics Miss America
Calico CPC Exotic

Dawn-Dee's Night Walker
Black Exotic

Jihad Ted-E-Bear
Dawn-Dee Midnight Silk
Delilah (red-white CPC)
Red-White CPC Persian

Purrfexshun Snuggles
Tashmyk Arrow Head
CH Fancyfriends Beyonce
Brown Mackerel Tabby CPC Exotic
7545M-1530998 Sep 10 2004
CH Fancyfriends Lilac Frost
Lilac Point Persian
3274-1354386 v1002 Jun 17 2001
CH Tuleburg Chococat
Chocolate Point Persian
3270-1292454 v0701 Dec 14 1999
CH Tyland's California Dreamin'
CH Foxy Touch-O-Blueberry
CH Fancyfriends Fiesta of Newages
Tortie Point Persian
3293-1299882 v0701 May 1 2000
Fancyfriends Sky Line
CH Fancyfriends Confetti
CH Fancyfriends Reach For The Stars

Agonistes Moviestar of FancyFriends
Black Persian
0108-1424972 v0703 Jul 16 2002
GC Scrimshaw Ruckus of Kuorii (Agonistes) DM
GC, NW Catsafrats Star Spangled DM
CH FancyFriends Marielle
Tortie Lynx Point Persian
7617-1327362 v0203 Oct 13 2000
CH Fancyfriends Vision Line of Exagere
CH Fancyfriends Firecracker
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