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Uno Belgatto Chance Um of L Jolor
(F) Oct 5 2009, 7407-1689888, Blue-White Exotic
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CH Pur-Snickity Chance of Uno Belgatto
Blue-White Persian
1106-1600279 Mar 5 2007
CH Patlen Ships Ahoy of Pur-Snickity (Desertdov)
Blue-White Persian
1106-1526799 v1206 Feb 1 2005
CH Rhamjoge Grand Expectations of Patlen
Cream-White Van Persian
1114-1473636 v1004 Jul 7 2003
GC, GP, NW Catillak Light My Fire of Koi Pond (Rhamjoge) DM
GC Catillak's Ever Lasting of Rhamjoge
GC Rhamjoge Rosette of Patlen
Dilute Calico Persian
0119-1440069 v1004 Jan 3 2003
GC, GP, NW Catillak Light My Fire of Koi Pond (Rhamjoge) DM
CH PaJean's Isabelle of Rhamjoge DM
PJ's Persians Jilian of Pur-Snickity
Dilute Calico Persian
0119-1553695 Oct 11 2005
Cove of Love Diamond Gem
Red-White Persian
1110-1513089 v0705 May 11 2004
CH Woodheaven McMaster of Hello Kitty!
Angelkissed That Girl of Klassykats
As Always Priscilla Presley Belle
Blue Mackerel Tabby-White Persian
1157M-1476997 Jul 9 2002
CH Saar Godul Melchizedek (of Too-Kute)
CH Sharcaro Glory Hallelajah
CH Choc-O-Lotta Denim of Uno Belgatto
Blue-White CPC Exotic
7407-1619862 Apr 18 2007
Furxxtc Fudge Ripple!
Chocolate-White Persian
3170-1499482 v0506 May 21 2003
GC Fur Pleasure Dennis Phantom Menace
Lilac Persian
3022-1324780 v0301 Jul 30 2000
GC, RW Fur Pleasure Lucky Anakin Skywalker
CH Fur Pleasure's Lalique
Casey (Furwithclass)
Black-White CPC Persian
3109-1389026 v0704 Jun 18 2001
Custom Claws Davidoff of Furxxtc
Furxxtc Jewels
CH Highlandkatz Casternette
Blue Tabby-White Exotic
7993-1495572 v0705 Apr 15 2004
Rainbow Gold El Bandito(aka Golden Rainbow's
Blue Tabby Exotic
7752-1153357 /SNVK 96-08-098L Jun 3 1996
CH, IC Lucien Boy van de Meiblom
Rainbow Gold None-Such(aka None-Such of the G
Highlandkatz Coty of Beritas
Dilute Calico Exotic LH
7799-1464858 v0804 Feb 15 2003
Brikalacy's Justin Brown
Highlandkatz Dakota Sport of Kuhl
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